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VBAC Babes

Sep 20, 2022

After a less-than ideal first vaginal birth Alysa wanted a different experience for next time. But she was diagnosed with placenta previa and had a C-section with her second. For her third baby, Alysa finally got the unmedicated birth of her dreams!

-Induced vaginal birth 

-Normalizing struggling bonding with baby at first

-History of placenta previa

-Fetal ejection reflex

-Intermittent futile monitoring  

-unmedicated VBAC in a birth center

“I have friends who say I could never do what you did. And I’m like: no that’s not true. I’m not special or extra strong. I would never say I have a high pain tolerance or anything like that. It’s deciding that you want that and doing things that help you prepare. I truly believe that pain fear cycle and so if you can get your head around that, it changes everything. That’s not to say that everyone should want a birth like this. But if it’s something that you do want? Then  go for it, and go for it all the way.“

-Alysa, PA and VBAC mom

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